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The Bennett Group Sponsors Women’s Affordable Housing Network

The Bennett Group, LLC, is a proud sponsor and ally of the Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN), an organization committed to the empowerment and development of women who work in affordable housing. What began with two leading women in affordable housing back in 2007 has grown into a nationwide network, bringing together women from all sectors of the industry to learn from, network with, advocate for and empower one another.

With the affordable housing industry being historically male dominated, WAHN works to promote the advancement of women working in the industry by providing them with an array of networking and professional development opportunities. As part of our continued support of the organization, we are thrilled to have Ann Marie Rowlett and Cindy Prater involved in the creation of the WAHN affiliate chapter in Alabama (AL WAHN). Ms. Rowlett serves as a liaison with the national office and Ms. Prater as the chapter’s inaugural President. If you’re interested in learning more about WAHN, or a specific state chapter, please visit